Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Query

Does anybody have an idea of the best way to get a lawyer to call back. If so, let me know.


Anonymous said...

Here are some tips. It's not Letterman's top ten but will have to do.

10. Tell the lawyer you've just been in an accident hit by a drunk driver and you are headed for the hospital in the ambulance.

9. Include a question as to how to protect the millions you just won in the PowerBall lottery.

8. Suggest that your doctor from a large medical center just prescribed the wrong medication and you have a big pain and need to add another lawyer to the team for the malpractice suit.

7. Inform the law firm that you will be going on national TV to discuss your business relations you had with a record deal with Michael Jackson and you need a lawyer with you.

6. Tell them that Mr. Madoff keeps calling you from his prison cell and you need some legal help to deal with his estate.

5. Make sure that the legal office that you call isn't owned or operated or represent the same people who are suing you.

4. Have your office assistant call the firm and indicate you need help with your rich uncle's estate that you just inherited.

3. Don't make the call to the lawyer's office a collect call. Call direct.

2. Make sure when you call the firm you don't use a lot of obscenities about dirty rotten lawyers that never return your calls.

1. Don't call the same legal firm that you just trashed in your blog!

Todd Mayo said...

Two words: Civil Action.

Todd Mayo said...

On second thought, CLASS action!!