Monday, August 03, 2009

Beyond Repulsive

John Waters has a HuffPost article on the background for his friendship with Leslie Van Houten, one of the women who carried out the Tate/LaBianco murders for Charles Manson.

I liked Cry Baby a lot, but "beyond repulsive" is the best phrase I can imagine for the sense of commonality Waters sees with the Manson gang.

But I imagine I'll read the next installment as well.

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Todd Mayo said...

Beyond Repulsive. That it is though I suspect I shall also read part Two.
I've seen a few John Waters Films...not impressed (with the exception of SERIAL MOM).
Watching the guy during an interview is...revolting. There is something about that guy that I find almost frightening. I cannot isolate any one characteristic, perhaps it's the whole person. Either way, I have never had a good impression of him. This is odd for me. I usually reserve true opinions of people until I have met them. It is not likely that I will ever meet John Waters. This pleases me. I find the prospect of such an encounter vile. Especially so since I read his article. All I can really say to put a button on my commentary here is: "EWWWWW!!"