Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Early Morning Palin Note

Sarah Palin says "all options are on the table." Does that mean she's going to:

1. Bomb Iran from the family's Piper plane.

2. Sit on her front porch so she can keep an eye on Russia.

3. Learn mandarin Chinese.

4. Hunt down Big Foot--At Last.

5. Patrol the Canadian border to prevent illegal immigration.

6. Keep track of her kids for a change.

7. Shoot the last polar bear.

8. Join the George W. Bush Reading Club.

9. Stop doing all that darn reading so she can feel at home on Fox.

10. Have an affair with Mark Sanford.


Todd Mayo said...

You should write for Letterman!! My guess is...affair with Mark Sanford. They're both considering a presidential run in 2012. Sanford/Palin? Palin/Sanford? Why the hell not? The only real difference between them is that Gov. Palin is tucking tail and running because she has no sense of humor. (probably be a better VP nominee)
Sanford, on the other hand cheated on his wife, multiple times, and he's NOT leaving office. There's something on that kind of ticket for everyone. With Palin you get what David Letterman called her "slutty airline attendant look', and a slavish devotion to the radical right.
With Sanford you get an unrepentant philanderer (not really relevant but the press will keep it interesting). Sanford also has the benefit of looking like someone would fit in really well at pancake breakfasts and backyard BBQs. No team will unseat Obama so the best bet for republicans is to go for a really fun easily mocked ticket. And the topper would be a sex scandle between the GOP presidential and vice-presidential nominee. We'll soon see.

Anonymous said...

You guys are warped.