Tuesday, July 07, 2009

RSI Recommends: Call John Yarmuth

This is especially for Kentucky readers.

Firedoglake is mounting a campaign to get blog readers to call local Congress people to push health care reform with a public option for health insurance.

Having a public option is extremely important for health reform. The public option will have substantial lower costs than private health insurance in the U. S. and present health insurance companies with two options. Either they will accept the discipline of lower profits or they will go out of business. Accepting lower profits on their investments means that health insurance companies will have lower stock prices, lower salaries for top executives, smaller bonuses, and fewer perks. Maybe they'll be vacationing in Myrtle Beach rather than Aruba as well.

But it just might be that the health insurance companies will prefer to go out of business rather than compete for health insurance dollars with a public option program that's subject to taxpayer discipline.

If so, nobody will miss them.

Firedoglake urges us to call Congressman John Yarmuth of Louisville, KY and encourage him to maintain his support for the public option in health insurance and other reforms of the American health care system.

Yarmuth is good on these issues, but it's still helpful to call him and let him know that he's doing the right thing and to urge him to stay active in the health reform battle.

Yarmuth's number is 202-225-5401.

I'll be calling Rep. Yarmuth around 9:00am myself.

Hopefully, others will have called before then.

Here's some helpful Firedoglake links: http://action.firedoglake.com/page/s/publicoption ,

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