Friday, August 15, 2008

Tippecanoe and Johnny McCain Too

Rich Lowry of the National Review Online worries that McCain's (potential) nomination of Joe Lieberman for VP would be "desperate" and "gimmicky," and compares McCain to William Henry ("Tippecanoe") Harrison in 1840.

I don't think so.

Lieberman's the natural choice because he's a "McCain guy" who's absolutely loyal. Lieberman is also an ideal surrogate who is probably more consistently supportive of John McCain's positions than McCain himself.

Actually, the desperation might have been in McCain's efforts to get comfortable with a potential vice-presidential nominee who isn't a member of the Democratic Party like Lieberman.

But, after trying on Mitt Romney, Bobby Jindal, Sarah Pahlin, Tim Pahlenty, Eric Cantor, Tom Ridge, and other Republican stalwarts, McCain came to the same conclusion as the rest of the country--

McCain just doesn't like Republicans.

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Anonymous said...

Can you blame him for not liking the freakshow at the helm of his party?