Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Big Surprise for Obama's VP?

Patrick Ruffini claims that Obama might be doing a massive head-fake with his VP pick and might nominate Hillary after all.

I've been wondering about the same thing.

Ruffini emphasizes that nominating Hillary would have a galvanizing effect on the Democratic convention--

"Clinton receiving upwards of 40% on the first ballot and then being chosen as the VP could enhance the "catharsis." Obama would simply be bowing to the will of Democratic Convention-goers."
Ruffini's on the right track. Hillary Clinton has a number of other advantages as well.

Above all, Hillary knows how to be an effective team player from her twenty years as Bill Clinton's first lady in Arkansas and the White House.

That itself is worth its weight in gold.

Hillary is also extremely knowledgeable in both domestic and foreign policy. She would be a knockout as Obama's "prime surrogate" and would represent Obama well in debates.

Finally, Hillary would be a valuable person to have in an Obama administration.

But there's still the Bill problem.

Ruffini suggests that Bill Clinton take an eight-week vacation in Tahiti.

My thought is that Bill should develop an interest in deep sea exploration instead.

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