Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Elections for Georgia!

Russian President Dimitry Medvedev announced a halt to military operations inside Georgia.
"I have reached a decision to halt the operation to force the Georgian authorities to peace . . . The aggressor has been punished and has incurred very significant losses. Its armed forces are disorganized."
Of course, "announcing a halt to military operations" and actually "halting" could turn out to be different things. But taking the Russians at their word, then what?

From CNN's announcement, Russia wants three things:

1. A demilitarized zone around South Ossetia to deter future attacks;

2. That Georgian peacekeepers be removed from the previously joint Russian/ Georgian peacekeeping force in South Ossetia;

3. That President Saakashvili be removed from office.

The point about removing President Saakashvili is something the U. S. should insist on as well.

Saakashvili's decision to attack South Ossetia was a monumental blunder that brought enormous harm to Georgia and risked creating a military confrontation between the U. S. and Russia.

At the very least, we should suggest to our Georgian friends that they hold new elections.

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Alex Kazarez said...

Georgian government's appeals are not to be trusted.
Media coverage of this situation is not to be trusted.
White House adresses on the subject are not to be trusted.
Keep a cool head over their rhetoric, study the facts,
learn the proper chronology, filter out inconsistencies,
weed out the outright demagogy and propaganda,
listen to the reports from eyewitnesses, watch the actual footage of the Georgian attack on Tskhinval
that left thousands of innocent civilians dead, and their town and villages leveled,
find out what the officials are not saying.
I did just that and now support Russia as the only party
in the region truly interested in delivering security and peace to the South Ossetians.