Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Sport of Kings at the Olympics

Great win by Usain Bolt in the 100 meters.

Too bad about American Tyson Gay flaming out in the semis.

Gay's originally from Lexington, KY (Lafayette High School) and has done and said all the right things during his track career. Having suffered a hamstring injury during the Trials, Gay didn't have the conditioning necessary for the big burst needed to be competitive at the Games.

But the really big event on Friday was the men's shot put which was won by Tomasz Majewski of Poland with a heave of 21.51 meters.

American shotputters were favored to sweep but did poorly. Christian Cantwell got the silver on his last throw, but world champion Reese Hoffa was a full meter behind at 20.53. The best known American shotputter, Adam Nelson, didn't even make the finals because of fouls.

Postscript: RSI's neighbors back in Waverly, NY still have warm memories of RSI grunting away hour after hour as he worked on his form as a high school and college shotputter.

Those were the days.

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