Sunday, July 09, 2006

College Guys as Gender Confederates

Today's NYT article on the college Gender Gap was right on the money in the Times' boring, pedantic way.

Let me add a little spice.

A lot of guys have not only gotten less ambitious about grades; they've lost their drive for sex as well.

Sex with women anyway.

What's emerging on campus' like mine is a big shift in male culture. Guys reject the traditional male role of breadwinner and head of family just as vehemently as any feminist. But they're less tolerant of equality with women than ever. Guys have turned to pornography, strip clubs, masturbation, and video games instead. For more guys than I care to imagine, sex means porn. But since porn means masturbation, sex also means masturbation. Lots of masturbation. One woman talked about a guy who masturbated when he got up in the morning, before class, after each of his classes, and when classes were over. Football coaches would say he had a "great motor."

What porn, stripping, masturbation, and video games do is keep sex within circles of other guys. I've heard that guys tease other guys who date women as "gay." Withdrawing or attempting to withdraw their sexual interest from women altogether, these guys form are "gender confederates" who have seceded from heterosexuality.

that's why you see so many Confederate flags in the Red States.

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Anonymous said...

I have to say I agree with you... I am 26, I started college 2 years ago, and I must say, I am in the same boat.. On average, I have sex about once every month, sometimes less, about ten times a year.. And I dont care. I masturbate frequently, becuase its easier. Im not gay, but Im not a very big fan of women, either. Why should I pay money to take a woman out somewhere, just so I might have the chance of getting some sex? I dont even like talking to women. Yeah, sex is great, but its not worth the trouble. And unfortunately, nowadays, women seem to fall into three types: lesbians, the ones who want black guys, and the ones who want money. A poor white guy has no chance.