Friday, September 25, 2009

Wishing the U. S. Was More Normal

Matthew Yglesias writes from Germany that "one of the oddest things about being in Germany during an election campaign is that I’m pretty sure I have right-of-center views relative to German politics."

But we're the weird ones, not the Germans.

Matthew Yglesias is a liberal blogger who counts as part of the left-wing of the Democratic Party in the U. S. As a blogger for ThinkProgress and journalist for several left-wing news outlets, Yglesias is as wired into the left-wing media establishment as he can be. But Yglesias would still be a conservative in Germany. Probably in France, Britain, Italy, Spain, and the Scandanavian countries as well.

That means the U. S. has a conservative left, a very conservative middle, and an ultra-conservative right.

Really, we could stand to be more like the rest of the advanced industrial world.


Scottye said...

I've always found that weird, moreso now that I am starting to trend a little more to the right in some areas in my old age.

Neal said...

The U.S. has never been a follower. There is a reason why we have made more progress as a nation in 200 plus years than Germany, France, Spain,etc. in their long histories.
In terms of standard of living, infrastructure, number of patents, medicine and medical research, aerospace, personal freedoms, military strength and technology, you name it - we are the leaders. America is the leader because of our personal freedoms and the capitalistic system. This is the only country on earth where a family can be dirt poor in one generation and the kids can be all college educated the next generation, as Charles Kauralt brought to light in this inspirational piece for CBS Sunday Morning years ago . The Mcgruter family that Ric has mentioned on this blog in the past is another great example of the opportunities that this country uniquely offers.
We are slipping, big time, and there are reasons for this as well. We have lost our edge. We do not have the work ethic that we once did.
The family unit has corroded. Look at how many out of wedlock births take place in America. I believe that much of this has occurred because of the great society. Half of the country does not pay income taxes and many of them get earned income tax credits or some kind of welfare, but it's not called welfare. We as a society have created an atmosphere where the average person thinks that they are going to "make it" by obtaining their "fortunes" by some means other than working hard and smart for it. A survey of black youths found that 66% believed they could make a living playing pro-sports! Some people believed that after Obama was elected they would not have to pay their mortgages. This is the insanity that we live with today. We live in a society where many want something for nothing and no one has told them that life does not work that way.
Why? Because our politicians have long ago set out on a course to buy votes by promising the something for nothing people "vote for me. I will secure the income of the "rich" for you. We will spread the wealth around."
We may be beyond the point of no return. The next 2 election cycles will tell the tale.
When the people realize that they can vote to take other peoples' wealth, this will be the end of our society as we know it. By golly I believe they may have figured it out.

Anonymous said...

So when are you moving, Caric?

Ric Caric said...

After the coup--(