Friday, September 25, 2009

Obama/Ayers Rears It's Papier-Mache Head

One of the great signs that progressives are winning the health care battle is that Ron Radosh of Pajamas Media has an item on the old "Bill Ayers wrote Obama's book" idea. Radosh works his way through "exciting new analogies" between the Obama and Joe Klein's Primary Colors and "wonderful new revelations" from a book by one Christopher Anderson.

And it all adds up to . . . well, nothing.

Dreams of My Father is in fact a powerful memoir and there is no evidence that Bill Ayers ever wrote anything as interesting as Dreams of My Father himself, let alone ghost-write it for Obama. If somebody was a ghostwriter at all, it would be much more likely that Obama would have ghost-written Ayers' books rather than the other way around.

Maybe Barack Obama is the "real author" behind all those books by Glenn Beck as well.

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