Friday, September 25, 2009

Support for ObamaCare Up

The teabaggers peaked too early. According to an CBS/NY Times poll, support for the public option is up 5 points since the end of August and stands at 65%. That's formidable. Conversely, opposition to the public option is down 8 points.


Dale Greer said...

The Republicans are now a minority party with nothing to play but the polarization card. The desecrated party is counting on rallying enough ignorant, gun-toting, racist nut cases to keep our nation in turmoil and then blame it on Obama and the Democrats and regain the Senate in 2010. They scream and lie about Health Reform but offer no alternatives. They offer no suggested solutions to any of our nation’s problems. They just rant and rave. GOP leaders Rove and Norquist with the help of modern day Joe McCarthys, Beck and Limbaugh are a lot of things, but we all have to admit they are good politicians. Will their campaign of hate and lies work? They sound nutty, but don’t take them to lightly. Never underestimate the ignorance of the American public.

Anonymous said...

Yes Mr. Greer never underestimates that "ignorance". Using a CBS/NY Times poll to make an argument that Obamacare is winning favor is like using a Fox pole to support the argument that "everyone" dislikes the president, it holds no water. As for the polarization card, that’s a funny opinion. Of course anyone that disagrees with Obama's agenda is an ignorant racist hick. I must say, it takes ignorance AND gall to make a statement like that. What did we call people that held pictures of Bush photo shopped to look like Hitler at protests, ah yes, "original" and "creative". No we just call them racists and ignorant nuts. As for not offering solutions, that is just completely untrue. But you wouldn’t know it with the way the current administration is ramming this awful bill down our collective throats.

Ric Caric said...

I don't view either the Fox or CBS/NY Times polls as being way off base. The Research2000/Daily Kos poll is viewed as "leaning" a couple of points toward the Dems and Rasmussen probably has a Republican lean. But polling is generally pretty good. That means that pollsters are accurate within their margin of error about 95% of the time. The problem is that a 3% margin of error is highly significant when the parties are evenly matched or there is an extremely controversial issue like health reform.