Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sarah Palin: Agent of Liberalism?

According to campaign manager David Plouffe, Sarah Palin was a dream come true for the Obama campaign.

Here is Plouffe on Gov. Sarah Palin: "Vice presidential picks rarely but sometimes make an electoral difference. Our view was it probably wasn't going to matter that much . . . . This was the one exception to that. It did have an effect."

"She was our best fundraiser and organizer in the fall."

Given that Sarah Palin was as an inspiration for the Democrats, it may turn out that she was a double-agent all along. In other words, Democratic leaders might have surrepticiously promoted Sarah Palin for the vice-presidential nomination and steered her toward the worst sort of "red-meat" conservatism as a way to motivate Democratic voters.

If they did, it was brilliant. Sarah Palin was Obama's biggest asset over the final six weeks of the campaign.


Anonymous said...

When do you make book that Joe Biden becomes a what were we thinking mess of stuff for Obama? The man is a gaffe bonanza. PS Go ahead and admit it, you think Sarah is kinda hot, in a wolf killin you betcha kind of way.

Anonymous said...

Even though I am a liberal, I can almost stand McCain. For a while, I wasn't willing to forgive him for his role in the Keating scandel. But he has impressed me a few times, especially in 1999-2000.

Now, as far as Palin goes, I don't think she's hot, I don't think she's talented, I don't think she's smart, I don't think she's a good governor, I don't think she's good at reading, I don't think she's a good Christian, I don't think she was funning on SNL, and I wouldn't want to pal around with her. The only thing I like about her is her eye glasses. They'd look pretty good on my girlfriend.

Conclusion: I want Palin to be nominated by the RNC in 2012.