Friday, February 13, 2009

Obama vs the Root Canal Party

The 789 billion dollar stimulus package passed the House and Senate today.

Basically a victory for the Obama administration. They haven't been in office a month, but they've passed a major piece of legislation to go with S-CHIP.

That's getting things done and that's why Obama's approval ratings are high and Congressional approval is rising.

Obama also got credit for reaching out to the Republicans.

Republican spinners like Karl Rove claim that the GOP was able to seize the narrative. The Republicans exercised enough influence over the process to turn the whole process into the political version of a root-canal.

And that's pretty much where the Republicans are right now. They aren't going to be able to win much, but they can take all of the fun out of winning for the Democrats.

In other words, the Republicans have become the Root-Canal Party.

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