Saturday, February 07, 2009

Racist Hate Crimes Continuing

One of the things that African-American blogs do is track racial crimes like racial attacks and police assaults on African-Americans with tasers. The progressive blogger Digby has started picking up on the taser story (Here's some of my posts on tasers as well), but African-American blogs have been on it for more than a year.

Following up on Post-Racial Blog and Antoinette's Point of View, the African-American Political Pundit has a story on the arrest of seven white males for beating an African-American guy names Brandon Manning of Richmond, California.

Manning couldn't believe it:
"I don't understand how somebody could do that in this day and age," Manning said Sunday. "I never, never thought it would happen to me."
Unfortunately, this is easier to believe in Kentucky. Our local school system had a nasty incident involving threats against black students about a year and a half ago. Police shootings of African-Americans in Louisville and the Cincinnati riot are still in the memory as well.

It's important to highlight these kinds of incidents to understand the continuing current of racial violence against African-Americans. The big progressive blogs like HuffPo should start picking up on these stories.

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