Wednesday, February 04, 2009

NPR Tolerance--Rising

As RSI readers know, I don't particulary like NPR. But I've been trying to revamp my attitude toward the public media over the last several months. It started with KET inviting me to appear on a panel on "Race and Politics in Kentucky." Likewise, the people at MSPR have been very nice to me over the last few months, helping me with my fall series of lectures and forums and interviewing me several times in relation to political events. Three students I know and like are on air as well.

With all those connections and good will, it's just hard to be hostile.

So, I've listening to NPR more than I used to and got through a whole dinnertime set of errands listening on and off to "All Things Considered."

Robert Segal and Melissa Block are still pretty annoying, but my tolerance level is definitely up.

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