Saturday, January 31, 2009

Why did the GOP Choose Michael Steele?

Was it imitation, desperation, or a little of both?

The Field Negro thinks it was imitation out of desperation:

Steel might be "charismatic", but he strikes me as one of those Negroes who will say whatever is necessary to fit in. I see the guy on FOX NEWS and he is killing Obama and calling him every kind of name in the book. Then I see him on one of those late night talk shows and he is saying what a great guy Obama is and how the repubs have a lot of work to do blah blah blah. Yeah, Michael is somewhat of a fraud, he should fit in well with the folks over at the RNC.

But he will be right at home with the repubs, and this is just what the Doctor ordered for them in the age of Obama. They were losing their minds while trying to come up with an answer for his O ness, and now they think they have it. Damn that Obama sure is popular. He is smart, articulate, and very telegenic. Where can we get a Negro like that? Hey, how about that Steele guy, he speaks really well....

Sure the Republicans were looking for an answer to Barack Obama, but they were also looking for someone who didn't remind people of:

Strom Thurmond (Caton Dawson, Chip Saltsman)
James Dobson (Ken Blackwell)
or the Horse with No Name (Mike Duncan, Saul Anuzis).

Like The Field Negro, I think Steele is going to be exposed as a phony sooner or later.

But Steele isn't obviously inadequate.

And that makes all the difference to the Republicans right now.

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