Wednesday, January 28, 2009

RSI Losing Power

No, it's not a metaphor.

The RSI family was privileged to be one of the 50,000 Kentucky families that lost power last night. Our lights went off at about 9:30--it seemed that a little knot of homes on our street all lost power--and stayed that way for eight hours as the drizzle kept coming down over the ice.

It wasn't too big of a crisis though. We broke out the candles and Miss Tween RSI and a friend went out sleigh-riding. Eventually, Miss Tween was farmed out to the friend's house and the rest of the family hunkered down for a "long winter's nap." The heat was out but everybody was able to sleep. The house is well-insulated. It didn't get that cold.

Today's another day.

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Megan L said...

Having the power go out seems to be a burden to most. At least at first. But I have noticed that the power going out brought many people together and forced many people to rely on friends/family and a simpler way of living. And being snowed in/without power is actually kind of fun/relaxing. Keeping warm without cranking the heat and using natural sources of light and reading a book instead of watching TV all day long seems pretty beneficial to me. I hope that for some people, being inconvenienced for a few days/weeks will remind them of how to live the "simple life" ... and maybe encourage the to do so even when the lights do go back on.

And bringing people rely on friends/family/neighbors is not so bad.. it might remind us that working mutually together is also beneficial... PEOPLE WORKING TOGETHER is always a good thing and usually leads to good outcomes....