Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What is Revisionist History?

Recently, Mother Jones used a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain a copy of a Pentagon study of four historical empires--"Military Advantage in History".

The studies can't have been very good.

Dartmouth historian Pamela Crossley describes the section on the Mongols as "an accumulation of popularly transmitted misconceptions."

Of course, any history other than "popularly transmitted misconceptions" is usually seen as "revisionist history."


Anonymous said...

Whoever said "history is written by the victorious...or was it victors??" Whoever coined that phrase spoke well. That's how murdering and herding Native Americans off their ancestoral land was glossed over and given the grand title "Manifest Destiny." In our time people have been convinced that the PATRIOT Act is patriotic and protects our freedoms. Time will tell how history judges our "patriotism".

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of bull. The Indians were murdering savages lacking both history and culture. The victors, the superior, the elite are all reviled by Ric because he is insecure and envious.