Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Republican Jesus?

Interesting to see what Republicans are all about. Some enterprising person downloaded the Facebook page of University of Dayton college student Justin Shaffer. Young Mr. Shaffer is the 19 year old son of Rep. Bob Shaffer, a Republican candidate for the Senate in Colorado.

Just in case someone didn't think of Republicans as warmongerers, Justin Shaffer has the above poster of Jesus on his Facebook page. Big gun, hand on trigger, plenty of ammo, Confederate flag--Jesus looks like he's ready for battle in Iraq or Afghanistan.

But is he?

Given that Jesus is wearing a white shirt, a tie, and a jacket, it also would be easy to say that Jesus is ready to take a meeting.

Maybe the Republican Jesus is more about looking tough on Facebook than actually contributing to the military.

Is the Republican Jesus a chickenhawk?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well that's one disturbing image. It's like draping a nazi flag around a minnorah.(SP??)