Thursday, January 31, 2008

More Live Blogging

8:54--Hillary's principle of respecting dignity of every person--nice.

And then a break.

With either a black guy or a woman guaranteed to be the Democratic nominee, we Democrats have already broken a lot of new ground with the 2008 election. That says a lot about the Democratic Party and the political coalition that has built up around the Democratic Party.

8:58--Back to the debate. I've got to pick up my daughter Katy in twenty minutes. Must remember.

Obama's talking about his experience and how he can "bring people together" and "overcome the special interests"--For Obama, it's skill and personal characteristics vs time spent in the system. All of this sounds like 1992 to me.

Hillary wants to "bring people together" as well.

9:05--Time for a civics lesson to daughter Tess--One of her classmates is referring to Hillary Clinton as the "mother of our country" is she wins. She reminds me that she has shaken Barack Obama's hand at the rally we intended last August.

9:08--Obama on the Clinton administration--shifts to his "bringing in a whole new generation of voters"--Is it the "nuts and bolts of legislation" or "reaching for something higher?" Shouldn't Presidents be able to accomplish both.

9:10--Hillary Clinton answers the dynastic question by wanting to be judged on her "own merits"--Great line here--"It might take a Clinton to clean up after the second Bush."

Must pick up daughter no. 1

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