Thursday, January 31, 2008

Live Blogging Democratic Debate

8:07 Obama's Introductory Remarks--I don't like the pale blue tie--Pretty uninspiring version of Obama. He wants to get past the divisions of our country. Big deal! Is it just "the past vs the future?"

8:10, Hillary's remarks on the problems we face are authoritative and she's speaking in a commanding style. Of course, I thought John Kerry was commanding in his last debate with Bush.

8:12, Hillary's turquoise jewelry. Good. Too much detail on her differences with Obama. What about some compelling general themes of how she's different? Why isn't George Lakoff advising her? "Not more of the same--That's good!"

8:14, Obama--too much detail as well. Snore! What about expanding on the moral imperative of providing universal health insurance. Obama and Hillary on first name basis. Nice to know they're friends.

8:17, Obama too soft on mortgage lending industry and "lobbying interests"--where's the fire? Obama is too wordy--not confident enough on the logic of his policy proposals.

8:19, Problems come up--Obama doesn't like mandates, but Jeanne Cummings points out that Obama's plan doesn't cover 15,000,000 people.

8:25--Hillary starts with reassuring "we few, we happy few" (Yes! that's my first Shakespeare quote of tonight's live-blogging) who are happy with the current system. And . . . my internet connection starts getting spotty. She's stronger on the principles of her plans, therefore sounds better on the details.

8:30--Completely missed Obama's last answer--Hillary's pretty strong on health care. I like the way she's talking about the health insurance industry and their opposition to health care reform.

8:34--Obama on taxes--Pretty good--But "restoring balance" doesn't inspire.

8:36--Hillary paying for health care reform by ending Bush tax cuts for wealthy and introducing electronic record keeping for more than $110 million she needs. Hillary is strong on health care.

8:39--Obama and Hillary now tag-teaming against the absent Republicans. But who's running for president? Who for VP?

On to immigration!

8:40--Obama somewhat hesitant--why isn't the total of the world's information not on the tip of his tongue? Obama against scapegoating immigrants for economic problems of inner-city African-Americans.

Wants to "pulls country together" to get "economy back on track."

8:43--Hillary has more empathy with African-Americans--Employers exploiting illegal immigrants to lower wages. She also has an ability to talk "comprehensively" about "comprehensive immigration reform."

8:51--An eight-minute break to locate 13 year-old daughter


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courtney said...

love love love that you did this!!! thank you!!!

Ric Caric said...

Courtney, thanks for the kind words. I thought the video from you and your friends was great. I especially liked the weightlifting. If I didn't have a bad back and wasn't so generally old, I'd be pumping a little iron myself. But I'm doing pretty well on my stationary bike.