Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Smearkrieg No. 12--The Upcoming Huckabee Smears

It seems that segments of the Republican elite are shaken enough by the surge in Huckabee's support that they've decided to coalesce around Mitt Romney as an alternative. Yesterday, The National Review endorsed Romney for President. Other endorsements will certainly follow, but it's too late in the game for the Republican elite to manage the Presidential nominating process in any kind of surreptitious way. They may have to smear Huck to bring him down.

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Tim said...

It's literally unending...the masters of the radio folks have spoken and now two minutes doesn't go by where they don criticize Huckabee for not being in favor of torture, opposing concentration camps (I'm not what to call Gitmo, since it has people held without due process or the pretense of charges), or being nice to Mexicans (for shame and how un-Christian....err, well, Limbaugh has a different understanding of it than I was brought up).

It would embarrassing, except the people who listen live in that little conservative bubble, where no dissent gets in.

How insular is the bubble? On consecutive days a lawyer in the next office and my mother (one is a nice Jewish girl from NYC; the other is from a small town in Indiana) both told me Barrack Obama is a Muslim. The lawyer claims he is a secret Muslim.

No ad was official pamphlet was candidate put out a press release...and, although Sean Hannity wants to blame Hillary, explain, Sean, how conservatives are the only ones who know this? Are conservatives and Mrs. Clinton close?

No, they live in the whispering bubble, where John Kerry didn't win any medals and had a threesome with Jane Fonda and Ho Chi Minh. Where Al Gore is a liar who claims he invented the internet. And, where Jimmy Carter's politcal and humaritarian values are -- get this-- at odds with American values! Yes, all that kinds and human rights must just gall Hamilton, Madison, et. al.

The bubble shrinks ever more slightly, but shrinks it does. Sometime in January of 2009, it's going to pop and their rage and "investigations" will all be directed toward a new President.

The horror....