Saturday, December 15, 2007

Neo-Cons to Huck: Get Some Faith!

As part of the conservative establishment's jihad against Mike Huckabee, Stephen Hayes wrote an article for the Weekly Standard on Huckabee's supposed ignorance on foreign affairs. But what Huckabee really isn't aware of are the main articles of neo-con foreign policy faith--The Ten (maybe Fifteen) Commandments of the neo-conservatism.

Here's an example. One article of neo-con faith is that Ronald Reagan won the Cold War. But Huckabee showed no hesitation in reminding devate audiences that Osama bin Laden and the global jihadis believe that they were the ones who defeated the Soviet Union.
I think there's some real doubt about that, Wolf. But I want to remind all of us on this stage and the people in the audience that there's a reason that this is such a struggle. And I think we miss it over here in the West. Today's the birthday of Ronald Reagan. We all would believe that Ronald Reagan is the one who ended the Cold War, and Ronald Reagan is the one who helped bring about the collapse of the Soviet Union. But there's a group of people who don't believe that, and that's the Taliban. They believe they brought about the demise of the Soviet Union because of the way they fought in Afghanistan. And what I want to just mention is that it is not the size of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog.

Of course, Huckabee's right, but that doesn't matter from the neo-con point of view. For writers like Stephen Hayes, Reagan's victory in the Cold War is a matter of faith rather than reality and Huckabee should know better if he wants to be a contender for the Republican nomination. In fact, the farther the Reagan myth is from reality, the more the neo-cons insist on fealty to the myth. It's like Huckabee himself rejecting 150 years of science when he denied that he believed in evolution.

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