Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Marching in Horse Puckey

When the Rowan County Marching Band returned to Morehead from the Steve Beshear inaugural, they had a certain smell that wasn't the smell of success.

Instead, it was horse puckey.

Contrary to my daughter's sanguine expectations, the Rowan County Band was not allowed to dodge the horse puckey from the "equestrian units" as they marched in the parade. Not that such permission would have helped. Because several other bands marched before the Rowan County band, the horse poop had already been stamped on and spread all over the road before the Viking musicians got there.

As a result, there was no way to avoid stepping in it and stepping in it a lot.

I heard that Steve Beshear gave a great speech about the need for bi-partisan spirit in the state capital. However, I'm afraid that he's going to find himself stepping in horse-puckey all the time because the Republican leadership likes playing "chicken" much better than it likes bi-partisanship.

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