Thursday, December 20, 2007

On the Road

Somehow Mrs. RSI has the idea that 40 hours of driving will be a fun way to spend the holidays. So, we've driving from Kentucky to Venice, Florida to visit her mother for Christmas. Given that Mrs. RSI's mom doesn't have an internet hookup, it looks like opportunities for blogging will be few and far between over the next eight days.

Have a great Christmas everyone. Happy Holidays as well.

Ric Caric


Anonymous said...

See, you can't possibly pull yourself away from the keyboard, Caric!

Anonymous said...

There is grave concern that Dr. Caric by be experiencing the early stages of bloggitis. The outcome may be serious.

Bloggitis: an inflamation of the blogger's head when a blogger is unable to blog for any reason, usually due to a break in Internet connection. Symptoms are usually a total loss of mental direction, a heightened craving of junk food, and incessant scratching of the head, all resulting in a rapid increase in ritual pacing, openly talking to inanimate objects while uncontrollably rocking in a chair or drooling when staring at a blank computer screen.

Bloggitis can only be cured by returning to blogging activity releasing the pressure on the blogger's head. Bloggitis has been known to be fatal in rare cases. Some have found comfort in BA (blogger's anonymous) groups and other have taken to medication often resulting in even more severe addictions. With their tendencies toward schizophrenia and other psychological dependencies, bloggitis can be a serious condition for many bloggers. I'm sure Caric's many fans and the Protein Wisdom group are saying all their "prayers" about Dr. Caric for a fast recovery and hopes that his "Merry Christmas" isn't a total waist and rehab doesn't last longer than six months. I think those PW weenies miss Ric already! Poor guy.

Tim said...


JD, hon, you need to check the spell-checker. First, you said cull the "heard" over at PW and now you mis-spell "waste." I worry about your alleged mental health.