Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Merry Christmas to Protein Wisdom

I'm going away for a week on Friday and am not sure how much blogging I'm going to do. But I couldn't let the season pass without shouting out holiday greetings to all my fans at Protein Wisdom.

Merry Christmas guys.

I swear that there's occasions where the attention that this group of conservatives gives me would make a more modest guy blush. Not only did the bloggers over at PW hold a Ric Caric Celebration Day, but lead blogger Jeff Goldstein graciously let me win our spotlighted debate on colorblind racism. What a nice guy! In addition, Dan Collins has written three or four poetic tributes to my wonderfulness and that last "Canticle for Caric" was so beautiful it brought a little tear to my eye.

However, even more important than all the attention and praise given to me by the folks at Protein Wisdom has been the way they stimulated my own blogging. If I hadn't known about Protein Wisdom, I wouldn't have realized the effectiveness of my "weenie boy" concept in the
analysis of conservative masculinity or thought of the "fluff right" as the literary arm of the contemporary conservativism. Likewise, if I hadn't seen the full range of social bigotries on display in Protein Wisdom's blog posts and comments, I wouldn't have realized that people had "side bigotries" to go along with their racism and misogyny or how many conservatives are committed to pornographizing their hatreds.

Once again, thanks for all the good times. Merry Christmas to Protein Wisdom. I'm sure you folks will be even more eager to forget Jesus this Christmas than most.


Anonymous said...

Are you already bored with Xmas break, Ric? Is that why you're trying to pick a fight with the PW guys?

Too bad. It seems they've moved on to other things.

Ric Caric said...

It appears that Red State Impressions is PW's version of the Hotel California. They've checked out, but they never leave. Sure, the PW guys are no longer commenting here. But, they continue to track this blog as well as comments I make on other blogs. Dan Collins wrote the "Canticle for Caric" specifically to elicit a response from me. Likewise, it appears that Collins looks me up on google, Rate Your Professor, and other venues to find new information about me.

As I indicate in the main post though, I appreciate the attention they've given me. Red State Impressions is a more prominent blog as a result of my controversies with them and I glad they established contact. Of course, that doesn't mean that I won't give PW a hard time. They certainly deserve it.