Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Could I Have a Beer With That Bible?

The little tiff over the cross in the Mike Huckabee "What Really Matters" ad reminds of the song "Cross to Bear" off the Allman Brothers great first album. I picked that album out of a bargain bin at a W. T. Grant's store in South Waverly, PA after my first year in college.

What a find!

But the Huckabee cross reminds me even more about why Mike Huckabee isn't going to be elected president. In 2000, George Bush pulled off the unlikely feat of appealing to both the bible-thumping evangelical crowd and the kind of party-hearty rowdies who moon the traffic outside their frat house. People thought they would rather have a beer with Bush than Gore even though Bush didn't actually drink anymore.

Huckabee doesn't have anything like that broad of an appeal. Right now, he's scoring with the evangelical Republican vote. But most people want a candidate who can enjoy a beer with their bible and Huckabee doesn't quite fit that bill.


Alex said...

It doesn't really make sense but beer and the bible seem to elect presidents. Maybe this isn't new?

Consider Ezra 11:35 -- "When the people brewed their beer after the fall harvest their opponents envied them. It was the bitterness of envy that broke their spirit. The people celebrated with a great feast."

Can a Mormon win with this combination? Who can win?

Ric Caric said...

Oooh. You don't see that verse quoted very often in Kentucky.

It does look like the Republican field is levelling out. There's a new national poll out with Giuliani, Romney, and Hucklebee practically tied. For what it's worth, my analysis has always been that a split Republican field plays into Romney's hands because he's the choice of the Republican elite. But I don't think anybody's predictions look too good at this point.