Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Rudy Takes a Pandering Break

The contest between the top three declared Republican candidates--Giuliani, McCain, and Romney--is already shaping up as a long-running "panderthon" in which the candidates deny much of their political past for the sake of social conservative votes.

But sucking up can be hard when you're used to having people suck up to you and Rudy Giuliani seems to have reached his limit for today. Perhaps that's why Rudy responded to a question by claiming that he still supported public funding of abortion for poor women.

That couldn't have made James Dobson or Gary Bauer happy. But it probably felt good to Giuliani to get some momentary relief from the constant humiliation of sucking up his way to a potential Republican nomination.

That's because Rudy will certainly have to backtrack tomorrow before returning to his sucking up routine on Friday.

But nobody said being president was easy. Or uplifting.

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Anonymous said...

It seems to me as if all of the Republican candidates are so unsure of who their voter base consists of right now that they're trying to cover all their bases. Case-in-point, Sen. McCain's staff has gone on record that he's going to re-establish himself as the Maverick Candidate instead of the establishment candidate. Personally I don't think this approach will be very successful because he's already alienated his former support base.

But I digress, Giuliani is in a similar fix as McCain. He's too liberal for the Bushies, but not moderate enough to attract middle of the road voters because of the negative publicity the Republicans have gotten over the past few years. He very well may win the Primary, but he, and any other Republican for that matter, will have an uphill battle winning the Presidency in my opinion