Thursday, January 27, 2011

The "Anybody But Sarah" Express Moving Onto the Next Stop

Think of it as the Anybody But Sarah Express. The American people don't want Sarah Palin to run for the Republican nomination for President, the GOP doesn't want Sarah Palin to run, and the media doesn't want Sarah Palin to run.

But it looks like somebody has to run from the Tea Party perspective.

It's just that so many people don't want Sarah Palin to be that person that some Tea Party honchos are picking up signals that they could jump on the "Anybody But Sarah" train and have started asking their friends, checking out fund-raising, and scheduling trips to Iowa and New Hampshire.

At various points, that's included Indiana Congressman (and major league dummy) Mike Pence, Minnesota firebrand Michele Bachmann, and Gov. Rick Perry of Texas.

Actually, I'm surprised Rand Paul hasn't scheduled a trip to Iowa.

But today, it looks like Mike Pence is dropping out of speculation.

Next stop, Michele Bachmann.

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