Monday, October 19, 2009

"We are the Sultans"

Maybe the godawful Washington Redskins would have better karma if they finally changed their racist nickname. I like the "Washington Sultans." Not only does "Sultans" have a nice Ottoman ring to it, but the team song is so-o-o obvious.

Take it away Mark Knopfler. "We are the Sultans/We are the Sultans of Swing."


Anonymous said...

With all the political correctness driving academic institutions and with the many universities that are having to change their mascot image, and yet the professional football team of our nation's capital city is called the "Redskins" ??? This is just appalling. If you're Indian, this is one big slap in face. Where is the outcry? If the team was called the Washington N^%%@#s it would certainly be changed. ...And the TV pundits just don't seem to get it either. Talk about hypocrisy. Don't let up on this one.

Ric Caric said...

I like "The Sultans" as an alternative, but can see some problems with that. Maybe we could follow Digby and call them the "Washington Villagers."