Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ann Coulter on Obama/Fox

Something is wrong with Ann Coulter. Today, she has an op-ed on the Obama/Fox controversy entitled "The Grating Communicator." But there's hardly anything about Obama in the piece and the overall effect is so flat she might as well serve it as a pancake. As a writer, Coulter's been so far off her game that she hasn't had any impact on the health care debate at all.

I guess this is the point where a leftist like myself should be gloating over Coulter's prospective decline and fall. But I think I'll pass on that particular temptation and try to look on her more as a human being.


Anonymous said...

A human being? You are really getting soft.

On the other hand I like Ann Coulter because she represents a lot of people I know and Ann isn't afraid to get people's juices going. She is an indicator species that helps us understand the level of endangerment of the conservative right wing political machine. If Ann goes then we will get a lot worse and it will indicate that the Republican environment is in real danger of extinction.

Go Ann Go! I'd much rather have those discussion on the table than to let them go underground and fuel more extremist activity.

Ric Caric said...

In my defense, I think I've always tried to understand Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh as human beings rather than stereotypes. Rather than "just" slamming them, I try to identify their specific strategies and pretty much always emphasize that they're highly talented people. Here, I've probably had more success with Coulter because I've written sympathtically aboaut her struggling to refind her mojo after the deaths of her parents over the last couple of years.