Sunday, June 14, 2009

Netanyahu's "War Forever" Speech

Today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accepted the idea of a two-state solution for the Palestinians but added enough poison pills to kill a herd of elephants.

Here's some of the worst aspects of Netanyahu's speech.

The Palestinian state would be demilitarized to the nth degree. It would have "no army, no rockets or missiles, no control of airspace."

Netanyahu claims he wants demilitarization so the Palestinians don't pose a threat to Israel. Talk about an obvious lie. What Netanyahu wants is a Palestianian government that only governs during brief periods between Israeli incursions.

Given that no demilitarized Palestinian government would be able to stop terrorist attacks on Israel, demilitarization means repeated Israeli operations against the unarmed Palestinians.

It would be a state of war until the end of time which Netanyahu wants because the Israelis would be guaranteed to win.

Needless to say, none of this makes the Palestinians very happy. Mustafa Barghouti of the Palestinian parliament responded by claiming that "Netanyahu was calling for creation of a ghetto state." Barghouti should have added "with frequent pograms against the Palestinians."

Other lovely items.

Netanyahu doesn't want the Palestinian government to have control over their foreign policy--no treaties with Iran or Lebanon (i.e., Hezbollah), or anybody else the Israelis don't like.

But would he allow the Palestinians to make their own treaties with the Obama administration?
One doubts that as well.

Netanyahu also indicated that there would be no more withdrawals from the settlement expansion of the last forty years.
We tried withdrawal by agreement, withdrawal without an agreement, we tried partial withdrawal and full withdrawal. In 2000, and once again last year, the government of Israel, based on good will, tried a nearly complete withdrawal, in exchange for the end of the conflict, and were twice refused.

The Israeli settlement movement is just as much an impediment to peace as Hamas terrorism. In fact, it would probably be best to view the Israeli settlers and Hamas terrorists as allies in the effort to prevent peace.

Who knows! Maybe the Israeli settlers and Hamas terrorists have regular meetings to work out how the latest peace initiative is going to be scuttled.

But Netanyahu how little he's committed to peace by stressing his alliance with the settlers: "The settlers are not enemies of peace. They are our brothers and sisters."

Netanyahu also rejected any Palestinian right of return, any Palestinian claim to Jerusalem, and really any Palestianian claim to anything.

Obviously, Netanyahu doesn't want peace or anything like it.But you can bet that Netanyahu's stupendously conditional acceptance of a two-state solution will be disputed on the American right.

In fact, I'm waiting with baited breath for the first viagra-pumped, fantasy-driven neo-con to accuse Netanyahu of "appeasement."


Anonymous said...

When will you learn that this is not about land. No matter what Isreal does to try to make peace it will never ever happen. All Arab countries want Jews completely wiped out. After hereing Netanyahu speech I first thought he was makin a huge mistake , but after hereing it again I knew he was saying thing Palestines will never agree to. Had to laugh how Obama jumped all over this thinking he may be the one to broker a peace deal. Netanyahu spoke to please the US and to piss the Arabs off all at the same time. Isreal has been attacked ever since they became a State. When Isreal became a state the US was hoping they would fail. They were attacked from all sides. The US would not give them weapons so out of all people Russia helped them out and Israel was able to stand on there feet. Ever since then they have made a country for them self that was just a piece of sand when handed to them. Isreal will always stand up for themselfs. Why because they have the right. Someone from Tijauna started launching bombs at you in the us wouldnt you want to pertect yourself. I and millions more stand behind Isreal

Ric Caric said...

Thanks for the comment, but it seems like you think permanent war is the only solution.