Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beck and the Far Fringe

In an interview with the Washington Post (via HuffPost), Glenn Beck reveals that he's not exactly the darling of the survivalist, Aryan Nation, militia, Neo-Nazi fringe.Washington, D.C.:

We have seen several domestic terrorist attacks already this year (Pittsburgh cop killings, Wichita abortion doctor murder, Holocaust Museum shooting) and Shephard Smith has acknowledged an increase in vitriolic hate-filled emails to Fox News. How do you balance providing your viewpoint with making sure not to push fringe groups over the edge towards violence?

Glenn Beck: Anybody who thinks that I'm pushing fringe groups to violence should read my e-mail. The fringe groups hate my guts. The fringe groups think I'm a government stooge. What people need to keep in mind is that some people in the fringe groups are CRAZY. If you want to target Fox News, feel free, but it's misguided.

Of course, the "far fringe groups" hate Beck's guts. HE'S COMPETITION.

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