Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sympathy for Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter has a column out today on the death of her mother, Nell Husbands Martin Coulter. My sympathies to Ms. Coulter on the occasion.

Apart from recognizing the obvious fact that she's a gifted writer, I don't have a ton of positive things to say about Ann Coulter.

That's the price of being on the other side of the political fence.

But I'm glad Coulter remembers her mother for continually telling her "what a wonderful, precious daughter I was."

Everyone should have these kinds of memories.

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Scottye said...

Well, maybe not Rush Limbaugh.

Of course John Rawls would say that no one deserves anything based on the arbitrary nature of being born as person X's child. But then I've been dealing with his argument against desert for a couple of weeks now because I commented on a paper about it at the KPA Conference.