Sunday, April 26, 2009

No Need to De-Nuke Iran

I like the last line of this rant from right-wing extremist columnist Mark Steyn about "post-exceptional America":
You'll recall that, in a gimmick entirely emblematic of post-exceptional America, Hillary Clinton gave the Russians a (mistranslated) "Reset" button. The button has certainly been "reset" – to Sept. 10, to a legalistic rear-view-mirror approach to the "war on terror," in which investigating Bush officials will consume far more time and effort than de-nuking Iran.
Given that Iran doesn't have any nukes, "de-nuking Iran" won't take any effort. Hopefully, we won't be creating a missile defense system to protect us against Iran's non-existent nukes either.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Are we really sure there are no Nukes in Iran? Im not calling anyone a liar but I dont think anyone who sits in the ole' safe U.S. of A. truly has a clue as to "who has what."

Anonymous said...

The problem is NOT Iran! It's Zionist/Israel/Dimona
and their unfettered greed to dominate the middle east (& ALL the world :(.