Monday, March 23, 2009

Lance Armstrong Catches a Break

I've never been a big Lance Armstrong fan, but I'm not particularly anxious to see Armstrong get humiliated on his comeback. I still remember Sugar Ray Leonard being beaten to a pulp by Terry Norris and I'm not anxious to see Armstrong go through the cycling version of that trauma.

So, I was glad to see Armstrong fracture his collarbone during a race in Spain. He might recover in time for the Tour de France, but I'm betting that the injury knocks him out of the race. Much of Armstrong's edge came from his super-conditioning and I don't think he'd want to give that up. I'd wouldn't be surprised if Armstrong dropped out of the Tour once he realizes he won't be able to prepare like usual.

Better to go out this way than be humiliated before the whole world on L'Alpe du Huez.

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