Monday, February 23, 2009

How I Became An Alpha Cat

It's true, I'm the alpha cat of our Kentucky home. God knows, I never wanted to be an "alpha cat." But here I am. "Big B" has looked toward me for meals ever since he changed from "outdoor" to "indoor" status last year. Now, he's also greeting me in the morning and laying at my feet while I'm reading on the couch. Isn't laying at the owner's feet a dog thing. I wouldn't say "Big B" is giving me love. It's more like he's giving me respect and looking to me for leadership . . . especially in the area of feeding him.

So what have I done to induce "Big B" to treat me as the Alpha Cat in our household. Personally, I think it's my gibberish that he respects. From "Big B's" perspective, I have the magical capacity to induce other people to feed him. The basic scenario is that "Big B" will approach me, he'll hear me talk some sort of human gibberish, and then somebody--usually one of my daughters--will feed him. It's like I have the magic capacity of turning gibberish into action.

If only the other humans I know had so much respect for gibberish.

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Anonymous said...

Nah, Ric, cats are Republicans. They can spot knee jerk liberals from a thousand miles away:-)