Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How Bad Was Bobby Jindal?

Bring back Rush, Sean, Alan Keyes, and freak show Republicans like my Senator Jim Bunning.

Bobby Jindal is unbelievably awful. What were the Republicans thinking when they assigned him the response?

I can't believe that Jindal is using Katrina as a salutory lesson for dealing with the current fiscal crisis. How dumb can you get?

Jindal sounds like he's talking down to people and reads the teleprompter in a very mechanical manner. Jindal also has this flat accent like he's trying to avoid sounding like he has an accent.

It's very disconcerting.

Overall, Jindal sounds just as bad as John McCain did in his "green background" speech when Obama clinched the Democratic nomination.

Finally, Jindal ends with a version of the Galaxy Quest anthem--Never Give Up/ Never Surrender.

What a flop.

Something tells me that Obama's not going to lose any sleep over the prospect of running against Jindal in 2012.

Maybe the Republicans should nominate Sarah Palin.


Anonymous said...

Jindal's response reassures me that the Republicans might as well sit back and enjoy the ride. If Jindal is the best they have to offer with the same old messages of government bad/tax cuts good, then Dems should have no fear of losing momentum from the Obama Presidency. I'm not sure if a Republican exists that has the ability to deliver a speech like Obama. It's a cliche, but Obama can really stir emotions evidenced by drawing attention to the young girl with the crumbling school in South Carolina. Instead of celebrating greed, we celebrate the banker who didn't feel solely deserving of the multimillion dollar bonus. We are indeed witnessing a truly historic presidency and a realignment of national priorities. I will gladly wear the label of Obamanite!

Scottye said...

Galaxy Quest reference! Score one for the dorks!