Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Will Pseudo-Success in Iraq Destroy McCain?

The John McCain campaign has always been a vulnerable operation--one bimbo eruption, temper tantrum, or egregious gaffe away from turning Obama's six-point lead into a fifteen point lead.

But now it appears that McCain might be done in by Iraq as well.

McCain's problem is that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has called for the U. S. and Iraq to agree to a "memorandum of understanding" that includes a timeline for American troop withdrawals.

That puts McCain in a tricky kind of box. To accept Maliki's position is bad because it means agreeing with the Democrats that it's now time for the Iraqis to handle their own military affairs. But rejecting al-Maliki's position would be even more damaging. It would mean that McCain wants to maintain American troops in Iraq against the wishes of Iraq's government and the Iraqi public. Al-Maliki wants the Iraqi government to be the sole military authority in Iraq and withdrawing American troops seems to be part of his plan.

Obviously, al-Maliki could be derailed by a lot of contingencies. But if al-Maliki ends up insisting on a timeline for withdrawal, he'll be undercutting much of the rationale for John McCain's presidential campaign.


Anonymous said...

McCain is a poor leader and can't trust his friends who are all mercenaries, check.

He is also short.

And old. Check.

Those friends he has he can't trust? He has got a friggin' lot of them. He has more friends than any other candidate, because of his temper. He is such a nasty hot head he has a lot of close friends close to him in a very close manner.

He is a hot head. Check.

And he was right about Iraq, which sucks for him because now it is obvious he is a poor leader because he looks like he agrees with the Democrats.

And he is old.

And short.

And a hot head.

And he is probably going to start smearing Obama any time now.\

Just wait, you'll see.

B Moe

Ric Caric said...

So, does any of this mean that you've decided to hold your nose and vote for McCain.