Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Ship of Race Has Landed

It appears that the Ship of Race has landed in the 2008 presidential campaign. The McCain campaign came out with both guns blazing as it accused Obama of playing "the race card" when he mentioned that the Republicans would try to make (white) people afraid of voting for someone who looked like him.

As if Obama wasn't speaking the most obvious truth in the world.

Given that we'll probably be staring race in the face for the rest of the campaign, I'll save my own comments for later. Here I'll just quote from one of the African-American blogs--The Field Negro--about the Republicans. After all, I'm pretty sure that conservative Shelby Steele will be the only African-American allowed to participate in the upcoming debate:
And another thing . . . [k]eep trying to paint his "O" ness as an uppity Negro. Here in A-merry-ca there is nothing we hate more than uppity Negroes. If you are going to be an uppity Negro you had better not be running for political office. You better have your own business and you damn sure better not depend on folks in the majority to keep your business afloat. A-merry-cans did not like the "O" man's European Vacation (boy what the hell do you mean you are a "world citizen"? You are an A-merry-can damn it, start acting like one) and the polls show that. Hell, even so called respected reporters over at the Washington Post are starting to cast the "O" man as an egomaniacal uppity Negro. (They took the quote out of context to fit their story, but that's a whole different issue) So keep playing on that, and watch how the polls tighten.

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