Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Anne Boleyn's Biting Cat

NOT REALLY. This was the best title I could come up with as I was watching the truly wretched movie "The Other Boleyn Girl." I don't know who was the most miscast--Eric Bana as Henry VIII, Natalie Portman as Anne Boleyn, or Scarlett Johansson as Mary Boleyn. But I really felt sorry for Kristin Scott Thomas as the Boleyn girls' shrewish mother.

Onto the Cat. Lawyers, Guns, and Money has a "Friday Cat Blogging" feature. But I'm not in such a generous frame of mind toward domestic felines. Yesterday, the RSI family experienced an all-too-typical comedy of errors with a cat that our daughter was pet-sitting and ended up with Mrs. RSI getting a nasty injury.

First, I got a call from Miss Teen RSI about the cat being injured. Using all of my "veterinary expertise," I then determined that the cat had three puncture wounds (from another cat) and needed to go to the vet. Lucky for me, the cat didn't bite me as I was loading it into the pet carrier.

Mrs. RSI wasn't so lucky. It turned out that I couldn't take the injured cat to the vet. I was so allergic to the dear little thing that I had to hand him off to Mrs. RSI after a mere mile of driving.

Mrs. RSI completed the journey, but she ended up being bitten three times on her fingers as she was helping the vet's assistant. Mrs. RSI sought medical attention after her little fingers began to swell. Those little fingers kept swelling after Mrs. RSI started first on anti-biotics, then on pain medicine. Finally, Mrs. RSI went to the emergency room at 10:30pm where they subscribed yet another anti-biotic.

The Movie is truly wretched. The Other Boleyn was a semi-trashy historical novel but it had some bounce to it. That's not the case with the movie which has about as much bounce as a pillow that's been thrown. A lot of the actors look like they're in pain.

Then, there was the unconvincing rape scene.

Back to the Cat Again. Mrs. RSI's finger kept swelling and getting more painful overnight. So, there were more visits to medical personnel and a couple more trips to the pharmacy. Before the swelling began to abate, it looked like she was going to be admitted to the hospital so the anti-biotics could be administered by IV.

Oops. Jane Seymour just made her first appearance. Henry doesn't love her. The pressure's on. She's going to have sex with her gay brother. I think Anne might lose her head over this.

Tomorrow, Mrs. RSI goes to yet another doctor. It turns out that fingers are delicate things even if cats aren't.

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Anonymous said...

It must have been a Republican cat!