Friday, November 09, 2007

November: The Second Month of Christmas

Hey Fans! I forgot Nov. 1, the official beginning of the second month of Christmas.

"In the Second Month of Christmas, my true love sent to me . . . "

There's a tree with a red tinsel string sitting on the piano at the Walmart Church of God just outside town. No creche scenes though. No Jesus on crosses either. There's even more stuff at Walmart where the good Christmas-y folks there have a couple of Santas on sleighs on the roof as well as a whole display of lighted Santas where they usually have garden implements. Krogers has its Christmas cards out. Mail those Christmas cards by Thanksgiving folks.

There's even a Christmas movie--Fred Klaus--playing at the local one screen theater.

The only blight on Christmas is that well-known Grinch, Mrs. RSI. For some reason, she didn't want us to put up our Christmas decorations tonight.

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Anonymous said...

probably because the decorations would draw attention to your house. While living life on the lam from the Mayo Mafia (referncing the october post comments) you want to keep a low profile, otherwise they bust in and break your kneecaps while playing the godfather theme on banjos. stay safe. :)