Tuesday, November 06, 2007



Anonymous said...

I am aware that this is extremely off topic, but I wanted to make sure that Professor Caric had finished reading the 7th Harry Potter book before I reviled any plot-spoiling information. That being said, I would like to draw the blog author's attention to:

Specifically the post by I, Sage_Pongo, where I stated my opinions about Snape and whose side he was on.

While I am sure that having your loud spoken and highly opinionated arguments shoved back into your face is something that you must be accustomed to by now, I would assume, seeing as you are a professor, that your reading comprehension skills would be higher. (All the clues are in book 6)

I will now listen to your apology and accept as a trophy, one Dick Cheney doll.

In summation I would like to say to you professor, that I have a hard time taking your ideas seriously. I believe it was Ben Franklin that said something along the lines of, “There are 3 unwavering constants in the world, death, taxis, and Ric Caric’s fore drawn unchangeable conclusions.”


Ric Caric said...

Far from having "fore drawn unchangeable conclusions," I acknowledged likely error on the Snape issue a long time ago. You must not have been following my Potter discussion as it developed during the spring and summer.

Ric Caric said...

Here's a couple of my Snape post url's.