Friday, March 09, 2007

The Super-Asshole of the Week

Liberal blogger Matt Yglesias refers to Rudy Giuliani as a jerk, but "jerk" is too mild and too vague to apply to a guy like Giuliani. I prefer the term super-asshole. Lots of people can be jerks, but it takes a special kind of asshole to introduce your mistress to your wife over television (Giuliani) or let your wife know that you're divorcing her while she's in the hospital with cancer (Gingrich). A super-asshole.

The race for the GOP nomination looks like it's becoming the "Super-Asshole Challenge" with events like "Extreme Pandering," "B.A.S.S. Master Flopping," "Competitive War-Mongering," "Filling Your Closet with Skeletons," and coming before you know it--"The Ultimate Negative Ad." Republican primary voters have come to demand high standards of "Super-Assholeness" from their candidates and the Republican candidates have shown that they aim to please.

However, the Super-Asshole of the Week Award (SAWA) goes to Rev. Albert Mohler of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky who articulated the particularly creepy argument that doctors should be allowed to perform surgery on fetus' to change the sexual orientation of "gay" fetuses back to heterosexual and therefore cleanse out the "original sin." I'm not sure what's the most monstrous dimension of this idea. Readers should take their pick between the monumental hatred of gay people, the Joseph Mengele visions of the elimination of intra-uterine of supposed "deformities," or the hubris in the idea of "cleansing out original sin." Mohler apparently wants to make the Southern Baptist Convention into the lord of creation. Mohler's practically an embarrassment to heterosexuality.

Mohler's also shows a barely believable ignorance of the message of Jesus. If anything is clear from the biblical accounts, Jesus loved low-class fishermen, prostitutes, sexual sinners, and lepers as much as he was disgusted by preening, moralistic, busy-bodies like the Rev. Albert Mohler.

However you slice it, the Rev. Albert Mohler is the super-asshole of the week.

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