Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Not Too Bad

My predictions last Tuesday are looking pretty good. I predicted that the Dems would gain six in the Senate and 25 in the House. At 1:30am on Wednesday, the Dems are five up for the Senate and 24 up for the House according to CNN.

Not Too Bad!


Anonymous said...

I'm happy with the results so far myself. Now let's hope the Democrats can manage to do something with their newfound power. Here's hoping!

Ric Caric said...

I don't think that the Democrats are in a position to do anything dramatic. Most important, the Bush administration will refuse to cooperate with the Democratic leadership on anything important. The Dems might pass budgets, but Bush can veto and uphold the vetoes. The Dems can investigate, but Bush can defy subpoenas and hold up investigations until he leaves office.

The Democrats will have an especially hard time having much affect on the war. The Bush administration still controls the military and they might very well decide to play budgetary chicken if the Dems protest too hard. Personally, I think the Democrats will play it cautiously and try to keep building up anti-war sentiment for the 2008 election.