Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Middle East: Flypaper or Tar Pit

Remember the flypaper theory that the American occupation was drawing Arab jihadis to Iraq and that was a good thing because they could be killed!

Maybe the tar pit theory works better. The reason why there were so many predators in the LaBrea tar pits was because animals like saber-tooth tigers would see other predators stuck in the tar, leap in for the kill, and become stuck themselves. Perhaps Iraq was a tarpit that first attracted mindless American predators, then drew in the jihadis after the Americans got stuck in the tar of occupation.

Hamas and Hezbollah seem to have had flypaper in mind when they kidnapped Israeli soldiers. The idea was that Israel would launch a mindlessly aggressive military operations against civilians and that the terrorist organizations would grow stronger as a result of civilian outrage against Israel.

But Israel may prefer the tar pit. It's obvious from the swiftness, ferociousness, and systematic nature of the Israeli attacks that Israel's was waiting with baited breath for an opportunity to destroy Lebanon's economic infrastructure. The last time, Israel invaded Lebanon they destroyed the PLO's military infrastructure in Lebanon, but were forced to withdraw after years of skirmishing with Hezbollah. Now Israel is leaping into Lebanon once again to destroy Hezbollah. Perhaps they will succeed. But Hezbollah proved to be stronger than their Palestinian predecessors. One can't help but wonder if Hezbollah's possible successors won't be still stronger than Hezbollah and whether Lebanon eventually might prove to be a tarpit for the Israelis like Iraq has proved to be for the U. S.

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