Monday, July 17, 2006

Let's Bomb Britain

I just saw Newt Gingrich on MSNBC claiming that there were 20 terrorist groups with 1200 members in Britain. Think about it for a second. That's almost as many jihadis as there are fighting in Iraq; and you can be sure that a large percentage of those terrorists are plotting against the United States right now. I believe those terrorist groups are being countenanced if not downright sanctioned by the British government. The British intelligence services, police, and military are famous all over the world for their efficiency. If the Blair government wanted to remove these terrorists, it could do so easily.

That's why I'm surprised that President Bush hasn't ordered our military to start bombing England yet. Why haven't the highway lines out of London being cut? Why aren't we blockading British shipping. Why haven't we been pummeling British military assets? Why haven't Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and Trafalgar Square been reduced to rubble. Maybe we could strafe their fishing fleet to make them uncomfortable without their fish and chips?

The Israelis are holding the Lebanese government "accountable" for the 600 hard core Hezbollah fighters in Southern Lebanon. Given that Great Britain is far wealthier and stronger than the Lebanese, Bush should be holding the British government to the same standard.Perhaps we should look at British friends like the Canadians and Australians too.

No appeasement to Britain! Let the bombing begin!

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