Sunday, August 21, 2011

Libya: Obama Handled It Right

Libyan Revolutionaries have taken over large areas of Tripoli and are reported to have captured two of Qaddafi's sons. They deserve a great deal of credit for founding a new nation on the wreckage of the dictatorship.

Also deserving credit is Barack Obama. Much as the killing of bin Laden was a validation of Obama's Afghanistan policy, the triumph of the Libyan Revolution has validated Obama's approach to the Arab spring in general and Libya in particular. Obama provided the Libyan movement with moral and military support. But the United States refused to invade Libya, overthrow Qaddafi, and win the revolution for the protesters. By limiting American support, the Obama administration forced the Libyans to win their revolution themselves and the positive effects frofm that will be felt for decades to come.

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Todd Mayo said...

Yes, he did get it right.I cannot speak for anyone other than myself on this issue as the progressive community is somewhat divided on the U.S. mission there. Personally, I am pleased with the results we are getting. Progress has been made. Our military commitment is limited, brief, and specific in scope. In accordance with the parameters of that commitment, we must continue to support our allies, the anti-Qaddafi people’s movement. The Libyan people appealed to The United States and the international community at large for assistance and the response was a positive one. A Qaddafi- free Libya is a good thing for Libyans and for the international community as a whole. Ultimately, the key to the success of the Libyan revolution lays in the hands of the Libyan people. The People of Tunisia and Egypt have shown that determined action against dictatorships can work. The U.S. and NATO are accomplishing the objectives outlined by President Obama. Much depends upon the Libyan people but they show no signs of backing down. This is how international coalitions are supposed to work. Kudos to President Obama!