Monday, September 13, 2010

Excellent Delusions from Dinesh D'Souza

It appears more and more that conservative activists just live in an alternate universe. Dinesh D'Souza, a right-wing think tanker who might as well be a brand name for stunning mediocrity, has an article in Forbes on how Obama's ideas on things like health care derive from the "anti-colonial" ideology he inherited from his Kenyan father.

Back in the real world, Obama's health care ideas were quite a bit like Hillary Clinton's whose ideas were quite a bit like Joe Bidens in 2008 and pretty much the same as Joe Lieberman's in 2004.

That's pretty much the same with all of Obama's ideas. They're a lot like Democratic ideas that have been floating around for a long time.

But for conservatives, being a Democrat is not enough to explain Obama. For the right, everything Obama has to be traced back to A-f-r-i-c-a.

Not that it bothers conservatives that Obama is black.

Not that the right-wing is engaged in race-baiting.

Not that they're racists.

Well, maybe a little.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Red state philly impressions, I'd like to propose a good bi-partisan solution concerning these problems arising from Obama's birth certificate or lack thereof vis-a-vis his legitimate right to have become president of the united states. Hopefully this will also lend itself to exonerate the republicans in the face of these claims of racism. A simple solution really, and one tried and true. As you know in the southern part of the United States, an effective tool had been used for many years to determine voter eligibility for African Americans. I propose that this same solution, though somewhat out of style at present be revived to settle these important and very similar questions of birthright and eligibility. Here are the nuts and bolts: a bipartisan comission, made up of only a dozen or so prominent Americans whose credentials are robust and red white and blue will enter into a closed room with the president. In the room would stand a table, upon which would sit a jar full of jelly beans. The total of which would be known only to the commissioners. If the president or so called president of the United States could guess the exact number of beans in the jar after careful examination; as is set by historical and legal precedent in these matters, he should then clearly be seen by all to be eligible and legal to hold his elected office.

The Agnostic Dogs of Sacramento